Proguard Mould Your Own Earplugs

Proguard Mould Your Own Earplugs
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Mould Your Own - Colours



NEW from ProGuard - Mould Your Own* (MYO) custom fit earplugs, tailor made by you to suit your ears, giving a permanent effective seal.

It's easy and simple to do, read the comprehensive instructions and set about making your own custom fit earplugs in a matter of minutes. Available in three different colours (red, blue and beige) "Mould Your Earplugs" are true custom fit earplugs meant only for your ears at a budget price.

ProGuard MYO are excellent for a number of activities including motorcycling, motorsports, DIY, Shooting just to name a few - in fact they are useful anywhere noise can be a problem.

If you have found in the past generic fit foam or re-useable earplugs uncomfortable to wear then ProGuard MYO is the solution you may have been looking for.

  • Soft, permanent custom fit
  • No mess
  • Comfortable and can be used for extended periods 
  • Simple, easy to follow instructions 
  • Quick setting (approx 10 mins depending on room temperature), safe, non toxic and hypo-allergenic two part silicone
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Long lasting and washable
  • Lanyard option available at extra cost.
  • If made as instructed will give about 24dB of noise reduction.

New instructional video added to You Tube, click on link and see just how easy it is.

Have you brought a lanyards for your ProGuard MYO? Then watch this video on how to fit correctly.

*Please note MYO are not covered by EN 352-2

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