ProGuard Custom Fit Fleximonitors.

Fleximonitor with microphone cable
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£ 249.60 each
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Prices Quoted include - VAT, Ear Impressions and Shipping within the UK


The original and much loved ProGuard Custom Fleximonitors are back, a very high quality custom fit earphone with a high noise isolation factor well above  26dB, tailored precisely to the users own ears. The balanced armature driver system employed within the shell of the earphone gives a smooth and distortion free response. The fine musical detail hidden before is now given up and sounds just how it was recorded in the studio. Coupled with their superb sound isolation, it makes an excellent listening environment giving precise and un-coloured sound detail. 

  • Custom fit with high sound isolation 
  • Distortion free precision sound
  • Single moving armature driver.
  • 1.5 metre cable with gold plated 3.5mm mini jack
  • Manufactured using medical grade silicon.
  • Choice of colours free of charge

Ordering Your New Custom Fit Product

Each product in the range will require impressions of your ears. The process is completely painless and will take no longer than 15 minutes. If you want to get a full understanding of the process where it is fully explained, go to the audiology section on this site. Because we offer a straight out of the box solution, arrangements will be made for impressions to be taken of your ears at one of our locations nationally. Once this procedure has been carried out, you just need to send them back to us in the pre-paid box supplied and in approximately 14 days your own Custom Fit hearing product will arrive at your doorstep. Further details for ordering your custom fit product and getting impressions taken click here

To find an audiologist in your area click here

For custom fit products - if you are under 18 years of age please contact our office for further information on getting ear impressions taken. 

*We cannot arrange for impressions to be taken for overseas customers. This facility is only available to UK residents. Overseas customers need to arrange to have their own impressions taken and then shipped directly to us.

DELIVERY: All products ordered are shipped Royal Mail 1st Class. For overseas customers especially USA and Australia delivery can sometimes take up to 3 weeks. We currently do not make any postage and packing charge.


VIP Impression Service


We are now able to offer a VIP impressions service - where we can visit  your home, office or any place of your choice and take impressions of your ears for use with our custom fit products. A guaranteed 5 day turn around of finished product once we receive the impressions back in our Lab. Prices start at £75 ex VAT - Please call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for further details.




Freq Response:     22 - 18000Hz

Impedance:          32 ohms

Sensitivity:           116dB@1mW

Connector:           3.5 mm stereo jack plug

Cable:                  1.2 metres - Kevlar Reinforced PU

Transducer:         Single Moving Armature

Weight:               30 grams


Colour:                White (other colours available on request)




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