ProGuard Bikerplugz

ProGuard Bikerplugz
ProGuard BikerplugzProGuard Bikerplugz
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ProGuard Bikerplugz - a universal fitting reusable earplug that has been specifically designed for use by motorcyclists and other motorsports. Small and discreet with a noise reducing filter at it's heart the BikerPlugz will fit under your helmet without causing any undue pressure on the ear or rubbing against the lining of your helmet.

Last time you got off your motorcycle did you notice your ears ringing? Riding a motorcycle at 70 mph will generate noise inside your helmet somewhere in the region of 105dB; your recommended daily exposure to that level of noise is just 15 minutes before hearing damage could occur. That ringing! Is your ears saying HELP!!

BikerPlugz will help reduce the noise to a safe level using it's 20dB linear filter system but will still allow the user to hear audible warnings or speech from helmet intercom systems. Your road senses are still intact and the earplug will provide an open passage to the ear canal in turn minimising the occlusion* effect.

The small metal key ring earplug container offers a smart safe storage place for your BikerPlugz. Designed to be used everyday they can be washed easily with warm  soapy water keeping them clear from road dirt which may effect their general performance.

Now available with detachable lanyard as standard

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*Occlusion is caused by sound carried to your ears through bone or cartilage conduction, normally this is unheard and escapes through the open ear but if your ear is blocked by an earplug the sound becomes trapped and a booming low frequency effect will occur causing an uncomfortable sensation

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