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In theory your earplugs will last a lifetime if given gentle loving care unfortunately our bodies change over the course of time and our ears are part of that process, we do recommend that you have new impressions done approximately every couple of years to ensure the integrity of the custom fit thus making sure you get the right protection.

We guarantee the fit! If your finished earplugs do not fit satisfactorily, we will re-make the earplugs at no cost to you.

Our Music and Pro-Musician earplugs are designed using specific acoustic filters. Each filter type will have a designated SNR, this means it will reduce the sound input by that amount. The idea of using this type of acoustic filter in our earplugs is so that the musicial content remains generally unchanged only at a lower level. 

Our attenuating and industrial earplugs use another type of filter which is good for speech, allowing a level of communication to still be carried out unhindered but your ears are protected. 

All ProGuard custom fit products will require custom ear impressions, so if you are buying any custom product, we will require your personal ear impressions. Our Custom earplugs will always fit properly and will not put pressure on your ear canal to form a seal because they are fitted exactly to the contours of your ears. Proguard will be offering a full range of custom noise reduction earplugs designed to meet the needs of industry, musicians, motorcyclists, swimmers, sleeping and most other requirements, with an easy solution to obtaining an appointment to get personal impressions made for your ears.

With custom fitted earplugs, you get sound performance that is just like the lab because they always fit exactly to you and give excellent comfort when being worn for long periods of time. Custom Earplugs do not have an SNR rating as each earplug is individual unlike a generic earplug either disposable or re-usable whih will have a rating. Custom Earplugs are simple to insert and they will last for many years.

If your earplugs have acoustic filters remove these first and put them somewhere safe. You can then wash your earplugs in warm (not hot) soapy water. Make sure they are thoroughly dry before replacing the filters (if required) and then inserting them into your ears. 

Firstly decide which ProGuard Custom product is for you, you can purchase this from us on-line or one of our distribution outlets.

When you purchase a Proguard custom product it includes an option to get your ear impressions done locally to you once you have registered your purchase with us, we will take care of arranging an appointment for you. Once the impressions have be done slip them into the box and pre-paid bag (included in original purchase) and sent them straight back to our lab for processing.

You will receive your finished custom earplugs in approximately 10-14 days from the time we receive your impressions.

We use a very special medical grade of translucent soft-silicon which is strong, non-sticky, very smooth to touch and extremely comfortable if worn for long periods of time. It is very easy to insert into the ear canal and also included in the Proguard kit is some lubricant just in-case.

A young persons ears grow quite quickly during their development stage, making them require new ear impressions to be taken every 6 months or so. A custom earplug relies on the integrity of it's fit.

If you are under 18 years old then having impressions taken by an audiologist may also be a problem. The Audiologist has to take out insurance and that particular age group is generally not covered.